Tampa Bay's Professional House Painting Contractor

At Brennan’s Painting, we provide high-end quality painting and deliver total customer satisfaction. By focusing on our customer’s needs, we earn their respect by executing quality craftsmanship and providing above and beyond customer service. Our customers depend on us to get the job done right, and as professional house painting contractors, we value that trust and clearly communicate the process with our customers to assure them we will deliver a high quality finish.


Professional Painting Services

We master several attributes to ensure our high quality work and provide high-end, luxury painting to our clients. To ensure a long-lasting, attractive and durable finish, we focus on surface preparation and use high quality products. Our craftsmanship will leave exceptional work with clean lines, smooth strokes, and crisp edges.


Our highly skilled and professional house painters will transform the interior or exterior of your home into a work of art you’ll be proud to show off to your guests. Our professional house painters follow a time-tested process that involves paying attention to the smallest details. We also work quickly and efficiently, while making every effort to minimize disruptions to your family’s lifestyle.


Your business deserves to look its best. At Brennan's Painting we pride ourselves on being your professional commercial painting contractor, and we show respect to your property and your time. Our commitment to getting the job done correctly and on time sets us apart from the competition and achieves our goal of leaving you with total customer satisfaction.

Additional Services

Pressure Washing

Our residential pressure washing and commercial power washing services the entire Tampa Bay area. Pressure washing restores the look and beauty of all properties by removing dirt accumulation and corrosion. By hiring our professional power washers to remove dirt, grime, moss, and stains, you restore your property's value and increase the life span of wood, concrete, brick, and other surfaces.

Paver Restoration

Our professional pavers understand that pavers are one of the most important aspects of your landscape. They add beauty to your property while being immensely functional. Structures like your driveways, walkways, patios, etc, are exposed to the elements and receive a lot of foot traffic as well.  Even strong materials like concrete pavers and stone need care and repair every once in a while.


Why Choose Brennan's Painting as Your Professional House Painting Contractor?


With over 30 years of experience, Brennan's Painting understands how to use the proper methods when it comes to completing a project. Our knowledge allows us to understand what is exactly needed for each customer we work with. 


Brennan's Painting provides quality craftsmanship in our work that looks professional and lasts. From careful surface preparation, to probing for problems with the know-how to remedy them effectively, to utilizing the techniques and tools of our trade, we have the knowledge and experience to provide customers with the best results. 

Customer Service

At Brennan’s Painting we strive to deliver on the unexpected, to go beyond painting. We will act with integrity and show respect to our client's property and time. Our commitment to total customer satisfaction and getting the job done correctly and on time sets us apart from the rest of our competition. 

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